The can is just the vessel

When something has nothing but upside, sailors say it’s “copper-bottomed.” As coincidence would have it, our Moscow Mule is darn near perfect. The ginger beer has just the right amount of kick. (We know because we make it ourselves.) Then we mix it with some premium vodka and a little all-natural lime. Copper-bottomed indeed.

Serving size: 12oz / 1 x can
Calories: 330
Sugar: 33
Carbohydrates: 36

Not reinvented, just perfected. Our complex but easy goin’ Highball features the finest Aromatic gin, all-natural cucumber, lemon and a splash of carbonation. It’s been described as a gin drink that doesn’t taste like a gin drink. And we like that description.

Serving size: 12oz / 1 x can
Calories: 310
Sugar: 30
Carbohydrates: 32

Sometimes four ingredients are enough. Especially when those ingredients are premium vodka, all-natural grapefruit, lime and carbonated water. It just may be the most refreshing drink on the high seas—or in your local grocery store.

Serving size: 12oz / 1 x can
Calories: 310
Sugar: 31
Carbohydrates: 34

Not all margaritas are created equal. Especially this one. House-made triple sec, lime, and just the right amount of carbonation. It all adds up to a premium, top-shelf Margarita that’s down for anything.

Serving size: 12oz / 1 x can
Calories: 274
Sugar: 20
Carbohydrates: 22

Bright, tart and perfectly sweet. Our newly released Cape Cod is a delicious mix of 6x distilled vodka, cranberry, a hint of lime juice and finished with seltzer water for a balanced cocktail with a tasteful amount of zing. And since it’s all about simplicity and purity, we made sure to drop anything extra. Kind of like the letter “r” to a true Cape Coddah.

Serving size: 12oz / 1 x can
Calories: 291
Sugar: 24
Carbohydrates: 26

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